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Ali - The protective older sister who has spent her life taking care of Candace. She is determined to find Candace and the source of the mysterious song that has haunted her since childhood.

Candace - The problematic younger sister who heavily depends on Ali. She disappeared after finding their mother’s journal and playing the song that was hidden inside.

Aunt Allison - Ali and Candace’s overbearing aunt. Took them in and cared for them both after the mysterious death of their mother​

Olivia - Ali and Candace’s mother who struggled to raise the girls on her own as she slowly began to lose her grip on reality. Disappeared during the night of the Newbridge Fire.

Oliver - A music teacher who went to high school with Ali. Mysteriously disappeared one night
after playing the song from the pages of ‘The Grey Journal’.

Diego - A care-free guitar wielding drifter who wanders from town to town. He is the only person who remembers the town of Newbridge.

Wallace - The unofficial 'Keeper of Records' for all things involving The Piper. Born deaf, he speaks to those who have stumbled upon Burchell Lake through his synthesizer.

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