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Trained Songwriter and Actress, Makinna Givens, is overjoyed to be making her voice-acting debut as a part of the Midnight Symphony. Makinna, with a diploma in Music Industry Arts, is experienced in recording arts, musical theatre, and composing for theatre. When she’s not recording music, Makinna can be found playing the guitar, the piano, or writing music accompanied by sharp-witted and hard-hitting lyrics. Her introspective and comedic nature is easily captured both on and off-screen, and she is looking forward to diving deeper into the acting world.



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Miranda Wiseman is a Toronto-based actor and writer specialized in classical, contemporary, and devised theatre, as well as film and television. She is thrilled to be making her voice over debut on this project as Candace and Veronica! Recently, she graduated with high honours from the University of Toronto and Sheridan College joint Theatre and Drama Studies program. Some favourite past credits include: Anna Karenina in Anna Karenina (Theatre Erindale); Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof (City Youth Players); and co-creator and performer in The Places We Are (Theatre Erindale).


Check her out on Instagram to stay up to date with all upcoming projects.

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Teri is no stranger to the stage. At a very young age, she made her acting debut as the narrator of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and her love for theatre has only grown since then. She has since gone on to perform many roles, including Wendla in Spring Awakening, Diana in A Chorus Line, Carol Strong in Catch Me If You Can, and June in Chicago, to name a few. With plenty of experience on the stage, she is incredibly excited to make her voice acting debut in her next project: The Midnight Symphony Podcast.

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Kristi Boulton is a multi-hat-wearing creative living in Ontario. When she's not playing Beatrix and Suit on Civilized, voice acting, improving or performing on various stages, she's playing with puppets, writing plays, taking baths, or reading her favourite books for the 115th time.

Kristi couldn't be happier to be a part of The Midnight Symphony. From the moment she read about this incredible show, she was hooked and she knows you will be too! Thanks for listening!


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Liam Hlynialuk’s passion for the arts began at a young age when he started taking private violin lessons. Since then, Liam has involved himself in a variety of artistic disciplines, including theatre, visual art, and audio production. Acting in The Midnight Symphony is an exciting opportunity and has allowed Liam to return to voice acting and character performance. The Midnight Symphony has reignited Liam’s passion for voice work and has opened the door to exploring future possibilities in this field.


Dustin Sipes has been a voice actor for however many years it has been since he discovered the joy of full sentences, making a casual but persistent art of impressions, accents and imaginary dialogues. He has been world-building, storytelling and Dungeon Mastering for over a decade - doing all the voices of course, from petulant goblins to eldritch gods. During that time, he is proud to have acquired, through one emotion or another, the genuine tears of five full-grown adults. (To date, at least; there is always room for improvement.) Also a writer, musician and amateur audio engineer, he is a man of many proverbial hats. The combination of these talents has led him to endeavour multiple podcasting projects, including an immersive fantasy audio drama currently in the writing and early production stages. Currently you may find him finishing up his first audio book, sneaking in writing time at work, frantically preparing for his next gaming session, or house-husbanding for his partner and two children.

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Henry is a musician and voice actor based in London, Ontario. He has worked extensively with local bands, including Backroads Social Club, SYREN and In A Bag. Holding a diploma in Music Industry Arts from Fanshawe College, Henry spends most of his time writing and editing music, as well as producing new artists.


9 year old, Elle Givens-Leblanc, is beyond thrilled to be making her acting debut as part of the Midnight Symphony. When she’s not busy being a 5th grader, you can find Elle tying up her figure skates or learning dances to the latest chart topping songs. With personality and humour beyond her years, you can always count on Elle to light up the room. Elle is looking forward to continuing her acting journey.

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An in-person entertainer, as well as a film & stage performer, Peg has been making people laugh, cry & smile all her life. Vocalist, actor, narrator, writer, hairstylist, balloon & facial artist, she’s been working at her craft through improv, murder mystery dinner theatre, & classes.

Cast as ‘Mama’ in Lifetime Network’s Christmas Yule Blog 2020, ‘Janet’ in 2 Across on the Cannery stage in 2019, are her most recent primary speaking roles.

Peg has started writing a webisode series called Bird of Prey, as a content creator, where she plays an older shero, displaying all of her martial arts, archery, vocalist & acting skills.

She is also narrating her first novel: the Longing & the novel adaptation of Bird of Prey, as serial episodes for her website – 

Her first Audible audiobook narration is available at: Hush Money by Deborah Harris, Jacquie Abram, Delilah Harris



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Jerry Schultz, AKA “The Voice Doctor” is a professional voice actor who happens to be a clinical neuropsychologist on the faculty at Harvard Medical School (or is it the other way around?)  

He has been using his voice to educate, comfort and entertain since his first guest appearances on WING Radio in Dayton, Ohio, where as a teenager he did the ads (in character) from the booth in his Dad’s army/navy surplus store. Jerry is a master of many voices and accents, and his characters range from serious to sinister to silly.


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I found my love for performing back in High School when I began taking Improv Comedy Classes and performing Standup in local bars (luckily I looked older than I was!). Since then I have been performing comedy any way I could, from live Improv shows, to Podcasts, to VO. The Pandemic really gave me the time and opportunity to really dig into the VO side of performance and I haven't looked back!

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Joaquin Barrientos is an author from London, Ontario. His debut novel, The Face in the Mirror, was nominated for the 2019 Author Academy Award for ‘Best Thriller’. Since then, Joaquin has been dedicating himself to various writing projects including his newest project, ‘The Midnight Symphony Podcast’. Joaquin is the creator, writer and director of this project. He is looking forward to making his directorial debut with season one of ‘The Midnight Symphony’ and is excited for everyone to hear this amazing cast and crew. 


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Harrison is a freelance audio engineer, musician, and music producer based in Toronto, Ontario. His beginnings as a producer and engineer stemmed from his passion for writing, performing, and recording music. Harrison spent his years in post-secondary performing in numerous bands and recording musicians who came through his university radio station. He is an experienced producer/engineer whose skills range from recording, mixing, and mastering, to audio-postproduction and music composition.


Harrison worked closely with writer and director, Joaquin Barrientos, to bring to listeners “The Midnight Symphony” podcast; a unique and thrilling audio experience.

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